12" Vinyl - Improvise Wisely by Redmist

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12" Vinyl - Improvise Wisely by Redmist

Artist Name: Modusoperandi
Title: Improvise Wisely
Label Name: Cut & Paste Records
Cat. Number: CNP009

Improvise Wisely was conceived as a musical library for scratch performers to be able to throw on the turntable and start using immediately and intuitively. The sounds have been arranged in a geometric pattern on both sides, so once the user has chosen a starting point, they can easily visualize where corresponding notes, beats and scales are on the record surface.

Each side contains skipless scratch sentences, grouped by instrument style (eg: Vocal, Percussion, Bass, Synth) and they have even been arranged according to their frequency content to account for the decreasing resolution of record grooves as they get closer to the center of the disc.

Both sides end with tuned lock-grooves, for endless tone-play, and the whole record follows a Jazz-inspired theme both stylistically and in terms of the scales used.

Combine this with a loop-pedal, or use multiple copies and multiple DJs and within moments you will have the makings of new improvised tracks!

Side A:

Tracks 1-6: Vocal Skipelss Samples Tracks
Tracks 7-12: Skipless Drums Tracks
Tracks 13-18: Bass

Tracks 1-6: Guitars
Tracks 7-12: Keys and Brass Tracks 13-18: Drums
Tracks 19-22: Bass

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